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Finland is becoming more and more multicultural. People representing different countries, religions and traditions are living together. Getting to know a culture helps you to better understand and appreciate  its people, prevents prejudice and enhances peaceful co-existence. For this reason we wish to promote our own culture here in Finland, far from our roots of origin.  And so WaawAfrica was created, to serve this basic purpose.


Lyhyesti suomeksi

WaawAfrica Productions on Suomessa toimiva, länsiafrikkalaisiin taiteisiin ja tuotteisiin keskittyvä yritys. Toistaiseksi sivusto on pääosin englanninkielinen erittäin monikulttuurisesta toimintaympäristöstä johtuen, mutta pyrimme lähitulevaisuudessa kääntämään ainakin osan sivujen sisällöstä myös suomeksi. Otathan yhteyttä, mikäli haluat lisää selvyyttä johonkin aiheeseen selvällä suomen kielellä :)

WaawAfrica Art Projects

  • WaawAfrica organizes events, concerts and festivals on multicultural and African themes.
  • WaawAfrica functions as an artist bank, where event organizers can contract professional artists to perform in their events. WaawAfrica works both with artists permanently living in Finland, as well by inviting reknown artists from the African continent to present their skills in front of Finnish audiences.
  • WaawAfrica’s artists teach their art in workshops and ongoing weekly classes for people of all ages, children as well as adults, beginners as well as advanced.
  • WaawAfrica participates in festivals and events also by bringing its own table/stand, where people cen get info from on going projects as well as buy Dakar Bazaar products or buy Senegalese food.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us, in case you need us to perform or participate in your event, have ideas concerning African and multicultural arts in Finland, or just hope to know more about the possibilities available!

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Dakar Bazaar online shop and humanitary work

DakarBazaar by WaawAfrica is an online shop selling African clothes, gifts and souvenirs, accessories, professional instruments, music recordings and so on. Most of the products are hand made. A percentage of this online shop’s profit is donated to humanitary work and charity. Read more in the page “humanitary work”.

Humanitary Work Dakar Bazaar Online Shop

Senegalese Cuisine

WaawAfrica Productions also offers a possibility to literally taste the flavors of Africa. You can have an African chef to provide catering for your event: wedding, christmas party, theme night… You decide! Or why not organize a cooking workshop for your group, where you will learn the secrets of Senegalese cuisine? WaawAfrica Productions is proud to present you a professional chef de la cuisine at your service, Alioune Badara Ndiaye. He has an impressive cv and work experience from some of Finland’s front row restaurants. Sounds mouth-watering, doesn’t it? :)

Check out Alioune Badara’s CV here


And, last but definitely not least, the man behind it all:

Pape Cisse

Pape Cisse

Founder of WaawAfrica: Pape Cisse

WaawAfrica was founded by Pape Cisse. An artist of Senegalese origin, he is currently living in Jyväskylä, Finland.

“In my work I aim to get people do things together and get feelings of success. I want to create new experiences and give opportunities to cross cultural boundaries in a safe environment.
With my cheerful positive attitude I get even the doubters to participate. As an instructor I am patient and thorough, but humour also plays a large role in my lessons. From my previous work I have received feedback praising my positivity and my ability to get children and young people to think positively and believe in themselves.”
– Pape Cisse

CV 2017