Humanitary work

Pictures above are from WaawAfrica’s Talibe project in Senegal 2012.

What is Talibe?

The word “talibe” is used in Senegal for children living on the street. They are either homeless or live in the poorest families. In Senegal, all children are supposed to go to school. But even though free schooling options do exist, some families simply cannot afford their offspring spending days without bringing home any income at all. Even a coin tossed by a stranger is better than nothing.

Talibe kids are beggars, walking around with money collecting pots, mumbling prayers and extending their palms inside open car windows stopping in traffic, in hope of a penny. Some of them spend even their nights  outside. Talibes are poorly fed and suffer from health problems arising from inadequate nutrition.

WaawAfrica’s Talibe project was launched as a private charity in 2012. Talibe project offers free meals for talibe kids, as well as purchases mattresses, shoes etc. – in general, the most basic necessities of life for those who cannot afford them.

DakarBazaar supports Talibe

A percentage of DakarBazaar online shop’s incomes is donated to humanitary work, where the present charity target is Talibe.

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