Music and dance with skill, energy and passion

Welcome to see Mama Africa on stage!

Mama Africa Senegal is a group of Senegalese professional drummers and dancers. The core members are childhood friends and brothers, all born and raised in the HLM neighbourhood of Dakar. Since childhood they have spread out all over the world (Finland, Belgium, Germany, France, Japan, Tunisia and USA).

Mama Africa‘s concert is an expressive, engaging show full of energy and joy. It consists of skillful musical arrangements, performed with instruments such as djembe, sabar, doundoun, kora, balafon, tama etc. Music is, of course, accompanied by singing and dancing. Dance numbers represent West-African impressive, beautiful and physically demanding dance steps both in choreographies and breath taking individual solos. The combination of music and dance  takes the audience to the amazing world of West African culture.

Mama Africa is available for concerts. The group consists of 4-15 members, depending on occasion and need.

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Mama Africa in WaawAfrica Festival 2012

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Mama Africa Jyväskylä

Mama Africa Jyväskylä is a local subdivision of Mama Africa Senegal, functioning in middle part of Finland. For Mama Africa’s  Helsinki and Turku subdivisions, see page “links”.

Mama Africa Jyväskylä’s performers are advanced level students and skilled amateurs, who have studied music and dance with Mama Africa Senegal’s professional artists. They all share the same mutual passion for West-African music and dance. Mama Africa Jyväskylä brings West-African rhythms and dances close to its Finnish audiences. Instruments on stage include djembe, sabar and doundoun drums as well as balafon. Energetic performances don’t leave anyone cold!

Mama Africa Jyväskylä is available for concerts and all kinds of events. The length of performance depends on occasion and need.