“TERANGA” is as much a word as it is a concept. In Wolof language it means hospitality, welcoming and generosity.

Teranga-Night is true to this message by bringing people of all cultures together to enjoy music and dance, but also to share and learn from each other.

Waaw Africa Productions proudly presents a one of a kind event, taking place throughout an October weekend of 11-13th.

👉 FRIDAY 11.10.2019 👈
Ravintola Myöhä, 22:00-04:00
🎧 Afrobeat Night #6 pre-party Feat. Prince Black Eagle (Jamaica)
Tickets: 5€

👉 SATURDAY 12.10.2019 👈
Poppari Live Music Club, 22:30-04:00
Tickets: 10€

Line up:
❗️ Es-ow and the Ridial Band (Sen/Fin)
Es-ow is a Senegalese reggae and Afro-pop artist who in 2012 founded the Ridial Band in Helsinki together with other ambitious musicians from Senegal, Cameroon, Congo, Spain and Finland.
Ridial band’s music is an energetic mix of rhythms, sounds and melodies that combine various band members, as well as the roots of afro-funk, reggae from, hip hop, afro-beat and jazz. Es-ow’s songs rooting for her all the ideology of equality, the right to seek and eager to help those in need. The lyrics also reflect the multicultural grounds for the African-rooted music from different continents, as they are sung in English, Fulan, Mandinga, diolan, wolofin, French and Spanish languages.

❗️ Mama Africa Senegal (Sen/Fin)
Mama Africa Senegal is a group of Senegalese professional drummers and dancers. The core members are childhood friends and brothers, all born and raised in the HLM neighbourhood of Dakar. Since childhood they have spread out all over the world (Finland, Belgium, Germany, France, Japan, Tunisia and USA).
Mama Africa‘s concert is an expressive, engaging show full of energy and joy. It consists of skillful musical arrangements, performed with instruments such as djembe, sabar, doundoun, kora, balafon, tama etc. Music is, of course, accompanied by singing and dancing. Dance numbers represent West-African impressive, beautiful and physically demanding dance steps both in choreographies and breath taking individual solos.

👕👡 We invite everyone to attend the main concert wearing African clothes. It is not obligatory, but would make this event even more special if we all celebrated the power of West African music also through the clothing style :).

Reservations for Poppari gig: ticket@waawafrica.com
Ticket sales at the door start at 21.30

👉 SATURDAY-SUNDAY 12-13.10.2019 👈
👣 Tule tanssimaan Dienen Kanssa, Jyväskylässä!
Dance workshop with Diene ‘Waaw Waaw’ Sagna (Sen/Uk/Ger/)
Jyväskylän Tanssiopisto
More info: https://www.facebook.com/events/391366378426304/


Tervetuloa, Welcome, Bienvenue, Aksilen!